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Microbial growth that destroys properties of raw materials

Potentially harmful microbial growth can take place in any material that has free water and is not asceptic or treated with microbicides. This means that eventhough dry matter keeps fairly well without harmful microbial growth the situation changes rapidly when water is introduced.

Water does not have to be visible to have ill effect. E.g, even under roof but in outdoor conditions there can be enough moisture to support mold growth. Unless treated with preservatives against microbial attack, all liquid raw materials having water as solvent are in risk of microbial spoilage.

The most susceptible of all is starch in various liquid forms. Uncooked slurry spoils easily unless treated if it is stored at any length of time. Even cooked starch, held in 60 - 70 C, can be spoilt. There are microbes that adapt to these conditions and high temperatures. If the uncooked slurry is heavily contaminated destroying living cells in cooking doesn't necessary prevent starch from spoilage. If there are enzymes left in the solution they can still take the starch apart.